Pokemon TCG Eevee Heros Booster Box (Japanese)

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Pokémon 2021 S6A Eevee Heroes series booster box (30 packs). It was only available at the Pokémon Center and a few toy stores in Japan, in May, 2021. DUE TO EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND AND VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY, THESE CARDS WERE NOT DIRECTLY SOLD AT THE POKEMON CENTERS. THEY WERE ONLY AVAILABLE IN A LOTTERY (LIMIT 1 BOX PER PERSON), SO THEY WERE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO GET.  The box contains 30 booster packs. Each pack contains 5 random cards. 

PLEASE NOTE: There are holofoil cards in this series, but they are NOT in every pack. They are randomly inserted. The full set contains a total of 69 cards plus 18 SR, 10 HR and 4 UR cards (Total of 101 cards in the set). NOTE: You will NOT get the complete set by buying 1 booster box. All contents are completely random and we have no control over which cards that you will receive since the box is sealed. The series has some new Generation 8 characters as well as some of the older Pokémon characters.


Language: Japanese

 30 booster packs

 Brand New. Factory Sealed.